Quick Fix interior design advice

In this type of consultation I give a one-off advice about the optimal layout and furnishing of a space. It is suitable for the refurbishment of a floor, but also for new construction projects that have not yet been realized or custom designs for bathrooms or kitchens. This type of advice is less suitable for complete houses / apartments or complex structures. A tailor-made offer can always be made for this.

In order to properly prepare this advice, the following information is required;
– Dimensioned construction drawings of the relevant room
– A brief description of the intended plans
– If applicable, photos of the house

After all the pieces have been sent, an empty 3D model of the room in question is prepared. During the appointment I show the possibilities of the space in the 3D model. This is first done sketchily and in block form to get a good idea of the available space and possibilities.

We discuss the pros and cons of possible constellations. At the end of the conversation, there is a clear picture of how the space can be optimally divided and furnished. In the case of custom solutions for kitchens, among other things, I work out a detailed design after the meeting. 

In addition, I show materials that can be used, so that a complete picture is created. This consultation takes on average 2 to 3 hours.

The sketch design is refined in the studio after the appointment and further elaborated in a presentation. This contains a 2D floor plan, 3D sketches and images of the interior to be realised. These are often examples of projects previously completed by V I N K. In addition, reference images from manufacturers of furniture and lighting and atmospheric images on Pinterest are also used.

If there is a need to further look at design details, interior-advice on preparation or execution of the proposed plan, we’ll be able to send you a more detailed quote based on the scope of the project. If, after this advice, there remains a need for further detailing of the design or advice in the preparation / implementation of the plan, a non-binding quote for a follow-up process can be made.

The costs for the Quick fix advice are;
1795.00 incl. 21% VAT per floor.

You can download an example here