Quick Fix interior design advice

For this type of consultation we will focus primarily on the most optimal way to functionally use a specific room or type of space. It is especially beneficial when refurbishing a specific floor or for a newly built property or refurbishments of kitchens / bathrooms that are still in the design phase. This type of consultation is not suitable for full residential refurbishments or complex property developments, for this we  would advise to request a custom made quote based on the scope of the project. 

To fully optimise and prepare for a Quick Fix consultation we would require the following information; 

– Specific technical drawings of the propery 

– Brief desctription of the expected building work

– Where possible, any images of the space 

Upon receiving all the necessary documents we’ll design a clean 3-D model of the space as part of the preparation. During the consultation I will design the space based on your needs and wishes and we’ll thoroughly look at different options.

The consultation will take approximately 2-3 hours at the V I N K studio in Amsterdam. 

At the end of the consultation you will have a very good understanding how the space can be utilised and what your options are. If you are looking for a custom made solution i.e. for a kitchen we’ll work on a specific design.

After the  consultation we’ll continue to  fine tune the sketches of your space using the 3-D model and images that can help to give a good impression.

The images used are from previous projects from
V I N K, furniture or lighting objects or mood-board images from Pinterest.

If there is a need to further look at design details, interior-advice on preparation or execution of the proposed plan, we’ll be able to send you a more detailed quote based on the scope of the project.

Cost for a Quick Fix Interior Design consultation;
€1595,00 incl. 21% BTW per floor. 

You can download an example HERE