Throughout the years I’ve been able to realise beautiful projects for residential and commercial clients, all from my design studio in Amsterdam. My first venture in this profession was at the end of the ’90 at Bij Den Dom Interiors in Utrecht. 
The foundation of my career was formed by giving interior advice and working on interior designs.  A beautiful interior is at it’s best when the floor-plan of the house is fully utilised and fits the needs and desires of the owner.

This realisation made me want to develop further and I focussed on full design projects from concept to realisation.  As time went by, the projects became bigger, the constructions or refurbishments more complex and the need to design and work in a more customised approach became bigger.

This led to the start of V I N K interior design in 2006 and since 2014 I’ve managed to work from my own design studio in Amsterdam.  My appearance in the Dutch TV show Huizenjacht (House Hunting) gave my work as an interior designer more attention. To fully utilise a space and to customise the residence to the needs and desires of the client is something I am truly passionate about. 

This creates a very diverse clientele which gives me the opportunity to work on a variation of projects. Clients can only request a design or I can be part of a full construction team. I can manage an end to end project where I work on the design and the execution. In short; everything is possible

The value of an interior designer is to support the client during the design and construction project of their property. My role is to be a partner during the process and bring ideas to the client that will elevate the project outcome. To work together with the client and look at the most optimal way to use a space is one of the highlights of the job. During construction I usually take a step back and give advice where needed during the execution. 

There are also projects whereby the design, execution and styling phase is done by V I N K, during these projects we aim to fully take control and take all worries away from the client. To complete a project and fully execute to perfection we work with external parties. Through years of experience, we’ve managed to find experts in the field who speak the same language. Together with the best constructors, lighting specialists, furniture makers, and suppliers, we are able to execute the most comfortable and detailed interiors.